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Insight of the Day: Latest confectionery trends are moving with the times

Here's a summary of the latest confectionery trends discussed in the article, along with some additional insights:

Key Trends:

  • The Cost-of-Living Crisis and Ingredient Prices:

  • Rising prices of cocoa and other ingredients due to various factors are pushing the cost of chocolate production higher.

  • Manufacturers are facing the difficult balance of absorbing higher costs vs. passing price increases onto consumers.

  • Brands like Tony's Chocolonely are focused on paying higher, more sustainable prices for cocoa directly to farmers to combat poverty and labor issues.

  • Flavor Innovation:

  • Unusual and adventurous flavors are on the rise (mince pie, Irish cream).

  • Classic flavors get a twist with 'newstalgia' (white chocolate versions of familiar treats).

  • Exotic fruits like mango, passionfruit, and pineapple are growing in popularity.

  • Chicory offers both new flavor notes and potential use for sugar reduction.

  • Meeting Consumer Needs:

  • Sharing bags and 'big night in' occasions are important as people spend more time at home.

  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing remains a significant factor in consumer choices.

  • Interest in healthier confectionery options is growing, though the degree varies by region. Products with functional ingredients and health claims are seeing increased demand.

  • Social Media's Role:

  • Social media is powerful for building brand awareness and showcasing innovation.

  • Brands must be wary of misinformation spread through social platforms and work to build trust through transparency and authenticity.

Additional Insights:

  • Premiumization: Consumers may be willing to pay more for higher-quality and artisan chocolates, especially as indulgent treats.

  • Sustainability:  Beyond ethical sourcing, consumers are interested in brands with sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices.

  • Plant-based Confections: The growth of vegan and plant-based diets will continue to fuel innovation in this area.

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