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Insight of the Day: McDonald's has a new strategy to bring back customers — and it includes bigger burgers

McDonald's is planning to add new larger burgers and chicken options to its menu in an effort to attract more customers. The company has been testing out these new items in select markets and has received positive feedback from customers.

Some of the new items that McDonald's is considering adding to its menu include a larger quarter pounder burger, a double quarter pounder with cheese, and a chicken sandwich with a new crispy chicken fillet. These new options are part of McDonald's strategy to compete with other fast food chains that are offering more premium and higher quality options.

McDonald's has been experimenting with new menu items and promotions in order to drive sales and attract new customers. The company has also been focusing on improving its drive-thru and delivery services in response to changing consumer habits during the pandemic.

Overall, McDonald's hopes that these new menu options will help to drive sales and establish the company as a top choice for customers looking for quality fast food options.


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