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Insight of the Day: Negative Emotions Take a Positive Turn


Gallup's latest annual survey on global emotional health reveals a positive shift in 2023, with negative emotions declining for the first time since 2014 and positive emotions returning to pre-pandemic levels. However, the overall emotional well-being of the world still has room for improvement, as negative emotions remain higher than a decade ago.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decline in Negative Emotions: Stress, sadness, anger, worry, and physical pain all decreased globally in 2023.

  • Positive Emotions Rebound: Feelings of enjoyment, laughter, and being treated with respect remained stable, while the feeling of learning or doing something interesting reached a record high.

  • Global Variations:  While the overall trend is positive, there are significant variations between countries. Israel, in particular, saw a sharp increase in negative emotions due to conflict.

  • Room for Improvement: While positive developments are encouraging, global emotional well-being still needs improvement, with negative emotions remaining higher than a decade ago.


  • Reduced Stress: Stress levels declined globally, with notable decreases in Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Gambia, China, and Eswatini.

  • Increased Learning and Engagement: More people reported learning or doing something interesting, with significant increases in India, Iceland, Greece, and China.

  • Regional Disparities:  Countries experiencing conflict, like Israel, show higher levels of negative emotions, highlighting the impact of external factors on well-being.


  • The improvement in global emotional health is a positive development, but it's important to acknowledge the ongoing challenges and disparities between countries.

  • Policymakers should continue to prioritize mental health and well-being initiatives, especially in regions facing conflict or hardship.

  • The increase in learning and engagement is a promising sign, suggesting a potential path to further improve overall well-being.

Implications for Brands:

  • Mental Health Awareness: Brands can contribute to the conversation around mental health and well-being by promoting positive messages and supporting relevant initiatives.

  • Tailored Products and Services:  Offer products or services that cater to the emotional needs of consumers, such as stress-reducing products or experiences that promote learning and engagement.

  • Positive Messaging: Focus on positive and uplifting marketing campaigns that resonate with the global trend towards improved emotional well-being.

  • Global Sensitivity:  Be mindful of regional variations in emotional health and tailor marketing strategies accordingly, showing empathy and understanding for specific challenges faced by different communities.

By understanding and addressing the complexities of global emotional health, brands can create meaningful connections with consumers and contribute to a more positive and supportive world.

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