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Insight of the Day: ‘Not that good’: Classic ice cream flavour no one is eating anymore

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Losing Popularity in the US

Chocolate chip ice cream, once a beloved classic, is experiencing a decline in popularity in the United States. It has fallen out of favor with consumers, ranking eighth in a 2024 survey of America's favorite ice cream flavors.

Key Points:

  • Decreased Demand: Sales of chocolate chip ice cream have significantly decreased in recent years, with manufacturers like Babcock Dairy Plant reporting slower sales and seasonal production.

  • Changing Preferences: Consumers seem to be shifting their preferences towards other flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, which offer more complex flavors and textures.

  • Limited Availability: Some manufacturers, like Blue Bell, no longer consider chocolate chip a standard flavor, while others have reported difficulties finding it in stores.

  • Possible Explanations: Several factors could contribute to this decline, including the rise of more adventurous and complex ice cream flavors, the perception of chocolate chip as a simple or boring flavor, and the potential for chocolate chips to become hard and lose flavor when frozen.


  • Product Innovation: Ice cream manufacturers may need to innovate and create new chocolate chip variations or incorporate it into other flavors to regain consumer interest.

  • Marketing Strategies: Brands may need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies for chocolate chip ice cream, highlighting its classic appeal or positioning it as a nostalgic treat.

  • Changing Tastes: The decline of chocolate chip could indicate a broader shift in consumer preferences towards more complex and innovative flavors in the ice cream market.

Overall, the future of chocolate chip ice cream in the US remains uncertain. While it may not disappear entirely, its diminished popularity signals a need for adaptation and innovation within the ice cream industry to cater to evolving consumer tastes.

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