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Insight of the Day: Number of Italians regularly drinking wine declines

The number of Italians who drink wine daily has decreased by 400,000 between 2022 and 2023. However, the total number of wine drinkers in Italy remains stable at around 29.4 million, representing 55% of the population.

Key Points:

  • Decline in daily consumption: The number of Italians drinking wine every day has dropped to 11.7 million.

  • Shift in drinking habits: While the overall number of wine drinkers hasn't changed, there's a cultural shift towards more moderate and less frequent consumption.

  • Demographic trends: Women and younger people are drinking less wine, while older demographics (over 65) remain loyal consumers.

  • Rise of aperitivo culture: There's been a 31% increase in Italians participating in aperitivo since 2011, potentially contributing to the decline in daily wine consumption.

Additional Information:

  • The data comes from the Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) and the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT).

  • Lamberto Frescobaldi, president of UIV, sees this shift as a positive sign of maturity in wine consumption.

  • The regions with the highest proportion of wine drinkers are Emilia-Romagna, Valle d'Aosta, and Tuscany.

  • The issue of attracting younger wine drinkers is a significant concern for the Italian wine industry.

This trend suggests a changing relationship between Italians and wine, moving away from daily consumption and towards a more occasional and social experience.


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