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Insight of the Day: Omnitrak Research Finds Health and Wellness Travel was Redefined Post-Pandemic

Key Findings:

Redefining Wellness Travel: The concept has broadened beyond spas and health clubs. Travelers now seek diverse experiences for overall well-being:

  • Outdoor experiences (27%)

  • Rejuvenation (19%)

  • Entertainment (13%)

  • Family-friendliness (13%)

  • Exploration (11%) Expanding Activities:  Health and wellness travelers engage in various activities, not just traditional wellness-focused ones:

  • Shopping (28%)

  • Historic sites (22%)

  • Hiking/backpacking (19%)

  • Rural sightseeing (16%) High-Value Segment: Wellness travelers are more likely to take overnight trips than day trips and outspend the average U.S. traveler. They spend almost $1,000 per party per trip, 21% more than the average.

Why This Matters:

  • Stress and Anxiety:  The pandemic heightened the need for emotional, social, and mental well-being, broadening the definition of "wellness travel."

  • More Destinations Can Compete: Destinations offering outdoor experiences, entertainment, history, and local culture – traditionally not seen as "wellness" focused – can now target this market.

The Takeaway for Destinations:

  • Refresh Travel: Market activities through the lens of personal recharge and lifestyle enhancement to attract wellness travelers.

  • Broaden Your Appeal:  Destinations that haven't focused on traditional wellness tourism can still benefit from this growing market by highlighting diverse offerings.

  • Understanding the Shift: Travelers aren't just seeking escapism or spirituality; they want experiences that enrich their everyday lives, support their passions, and allow for personal exploration.


  • Sustainability & Community Focus: Destinations need to balance attracting wellness travelers with preserving natural environments and maintaining community well-being.

  • Meeting Diverse Needs: The travel industry must cater to various wellness travel motivations, offering outdoor activities, family-friendly experiences, and options for individual exploration alongside traditional spa retreats.


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