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Insight of the Day: Online fashion shopping dominates global e-commerce

Online fashion shopping is currently the leading category in global e-commerce, according to the ConsumerX 2024 report. Here are the key takeaways:


  • 56.1% of respondents buy clothing and accessories online.

  • Only 3.1% of respondents never shop online.

  • 37.8% of online shoppers make purchases monthly, and 34.1% shop online more than once a week.

Motivations for Online Shopping:

  • Convenience: Home delivery and time-saving are key factors.

  • Cost savings: Cheaper prices and good offers are important drivers.

  • Other factors: Wider product range, access to reviews, and more product information.

Reasons for Not Shopping Online:

  • Preference for in-store shopping: 29.5%

  • Feeling safer in physical stores: 23.6%

  • Concerns about product quality and payment security: 8.9% each

  • Delivery issues: 4.8%

  • Lack of familiarity with online shopping: 8%

Emerging Technologies:

  • Social commerce: Used by 27.2% of respondents in the past year.

  • Live shopping: Used by 25.8% of respondents in the past year.

  • Virtual shopping assistants: Used by 16.1% of respondents in the past year.

  • Augmented reality: Used by 15.2% of respondents in the past year.

  • Voice shopping: Used by 11% of respondents in the past year.

  • Metaverse shopping: Used by 7.6% of respondents in the past year.

Consumer Expectations:

  • Most shoppers expect brands to adopt new technologies.

  • Highest interest is in augmented reality, followed by virtual shopping assistants and live shopping.


The report demonstrates the continued dominance of online fashion shopping in the global e-commerce landscape. It also highlights the growing adoption of emerging retail technologies, indicating a dynamic and evolving future for online shopping.

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