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Insight of the Day: Personalisation, hybrids, and pistachio: top doughnut trends for 2024 and beyond

Doughnuts are enjoying a surge in popularity, providing bakers with a versatile platform to experiment with various trends and innovations. Here are some key doughnut trends for 2024 and beyond:

  1. Personalisation: Customisable doughnuts are on the rise, allowing consumers to tailor their treats with unique toppings, fillings, and decorations. This trend caters to the desire for individual expression and special dietary needs, making each doughnut a unique creation.

  2. Hybrids: Combining elements of different pastries with doughnuts is becoming increasingly popular. Examples include "cruffins" (croissant-muffin hybrids) and "doughscuits" (doughnut-biscuit hybrids). These hybrid creations offer new textures and flavors, appealing to adventurous eaters looking for novel experiences.

  3. Pistachio: Pistachio is emerging as a favored ingredient in the doughnut world, offering a sophisticated and distinctive flavor profile. Whether used in glazes, fillings, or as a topping, pistachios provide a delightful contrast to the sweet, rich nature of doughnuts, adding a touch of elegance and a hint of nuttiness.

These trends reflect broader consumer preferences for personalisation, innovation, and high-quality ingredients in their sweet treats.

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