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Insight of the Day: Price, Quality Barriers For Consumers Seeking Reusable Products


  • A significant majority of Americans (69%) are willing to purchase reusable products, but cost is a major barrier (66%).

  • 68% of consumers would increase their use of reusable goods if cost were not a factor.

  • Durability (21%) and maintenance (16%) are also barriers to adoption.

  • Store incentives are more effective than state mandates in encouraging reusable shopping bags.

Key Takeaway:

There is a clear consumer demand for reusable products, but affordability and quality concerns need to be addressed to drive wider adoption.


Consumers are increasingly prioritizing sustainable packaging and reusable goods, indicating a growing trend towards eco-conscious consumption.


  • The market for reusable products has significant potential but requires innovative solutions to overcome cost and quality barriers.

  • Store incentives can effectively promote reusable products and encourage sustainable behavior.

  • Consumer education on the benefits of reusable products and addressing concerns about cost and quality is crucial.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands should prioritize developing affordable, high-quality reusable products to meet consumer demand.

  • Investing in innovation to improve durability and maintenance of reusable products can address consumer concerns.

  • Implementing incentive programs and partnering with retailers can effectively promote reusable products and increase adoption.

  • Brands need to educate consumers about the benefits of reusable products and address concerns about cost and quality to drive wider acceptance.

By addressing these implications, brands can tap into the growing market for reusable products and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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