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Insight of the Day: Social groups can influence individuals’ food choices, says new research

A recent study from Flinders University has found that individuals are more likely to adopt healthier food choices when they feel a sense of belonging to a social group that promotes healthy eating habits.

Key Findings:

  • Shared Social Identity: Social groups, such as universities or nationalities, provide individuals with a shared social identity that can influence their behavior, including their food choices.

  • Health Campaigns & Interventions: This research has implications for the development of health campaigns and interventions aimed at promoting healthier food choices by leveraging the power of social influence.

  • The "Herd Mentality": People are more likely to be influenced by the food choices of those within their social group compared to those outside of it, highlighting the "herd mentality."

  • Facebook Study: A study conducted on Facebook found that students were more likely to be influenced by the food choices of fellow group members.


  • This research suggests that health campaigns should focus on fostering a sense of community and belonging to encourage healthier food choices.

  • Social media platforms like Facebook can be used effectively to promote healthy eating habits by leveraging social influence within groups.

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