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Insight of the Day: Study reveals the most popular iced coffee drinks around the world

Summary of Findings:

A recent study by Coffeeness analyzed global Google search volume data to determine the most popular iced coffee drinks in different countries.

Key Takeaway:

The frappe emerged as the most popular iced coffee drink, favored in 35 countries, followed by iced vanilla latte (14 countries) and frappuccino (12 countries).


The study reveals a growing global preference for iced coffee, with the frappe leading the trend due to its refreshing and frothy nature. Iced vanilla lattes and frappuccinos also remain popular choices, driven by their sweetness and flavor variety.


The popularity of iced coffee is not limited to specific regions and is enjoyed worldwide. Each country exhibits unique preferences, with the frappe being the most universally loved option. The trend reflects a growing demand for refreshing and flavorful coffee beverages, especially during warmer months.

Implications for Brands:

Coffee brands and cafes should capitalize on the growing popularity of iced coffee by offering a diverse range of options, including frappes, iced vanilla lattes, frappuccinos, cold brews, and Spanish lattes. Emphasizing the unique qualities and flavors of each drink can attract a wider customer base and cater to different preferences. Additionally, promoting iced coffee as a refreshing summer drink can further boost sales and brand awareness.


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