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Insight of the Day: Survey: Business travel benefits companies' bottom lines -- and morale


  • The majority of CEOs plan to increase travel budgets in 2024.

  • US companies are more optimistic about budget increases than European companies.

  • Expanding into new markets is the main reason for budget increases.

  • Business travel is seen as crucial for revenue generation and employee morale.

  • In-person meetings are credited with a significant portion of sales growth.

  • Business travel opportunities are attractive to job applicants and improve employee retention.

  • Companies that increased travel budgets in 2023 had lower employee turnover.

  • Cost concerns and environmental impact are the main reasons for budget reductions.

Key Takeaway:

Business travel is considered a valuable investment by most CEOs, not just a cost. It's seen as essential for sales growth, employee retention, and overall company culture.


There's a growing recognition of the importance of in-person interactions for business success, even in the age of virtual meetings. This trend is driving increased investment in business travel.


  • Companies that prioritize business travel are likely to see benefits in terms of revenue, employee satisfaction, and talent acquisition.

  • While cost and sustainability concerns exist, the overall sentiment towards business travel is positive.

  • The gap between US and European companies' attitudes towards travel budgets suggests regional differences in business culture and economic conditions.

Implications for Brands:

  • Brands in the travel and hospitality industry should capitalize on the increased demand for business travel by offering tailored solutions and services.

  • Companies should consider how they can leverage business travel to boost sales, strengthen relationships, and improve employee engagement.

  • Sustainability should be a key consideration in travel planning to address environmental concerns.

  • The focus on employee morale highlights the need for companies to create positive and rewarding travel experiences for their employees.


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