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Insight of the Day: Talking better-for-you candy with Icon Foods

Findings:The article discusses the rise of "better-for-you" candies, emphasizing low-sugar, nutrient-dense, and functional ingredients.

Key Takeaway:Consumers want clean-label, healthier candy options, leading to innovations in the confectionery industry.

Trend:Increasing demand for candies with natural sweeteners, such as allulose, and functional ingredients like adaptogens and probiotics.

Consumer Motivation:Health consciousness and desire for guilt-free indulgence.

Driving Trend:Health trends and preference for natural ingredients.

People Mentioned:Thom King (Chief Innovations Officer at Icon Foods), No Sugar Company, and Smart Sweets.

Product/Service Description:Candies that are low in sugar, nutrient-dense, and include functional ingredients, targeting health-conscious consumers, primarily millennials and Gen Z.

Conclusions:Formulating these candies requires balancing fibers and achieving the right mouthfeel.

Implications for Brands:Need to innovate and meet health-conscious demands while maintaining product appeal.

Implications for Society:A shift towards healthier eating habits and increased awareness of sugar intake.


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