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Insight of the Day: Techno-couture

Key Takeaways from "Techno-couture: When algorithms interrupt the fashion system":

  • Digital Transformation: The fashion industry is undergoing a digital revolution, embracing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and gaming to create immersive experiences for consumers.

  • Talent Migration: Tech talent laid off during the pandemic is finding new opportunities in the fashion world, bringing their skills in programming and design to the forefront.

  • Sustainability Focus: Virtual garments and AR filters are being used to reduce the need for physical collections, addressing sustainability concerns within the industry.

  • Accessibility and Engagement: AR filters allow consumers to virtually try on clothes, increasing brand engagement and reducing return rates in e-commerce.

  • Future of Fashion: The integration of technology is reshaping the fashion industry, making it more engaging, accessible, and sustainable.


The fashion industry is embracing technology like AR, VR, and gaming to create immersive experiences for consumers. This shift is also driven by talent migration from the tech industry, bringing in new skills and perspectives. The use of virtual garments and AR filters is addressing sustainability issues while also enhancing consumer engagement. As a result, the fashion world is becoming more accessible and interactive, marking a significant and lasting transformation in the industry.

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