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Insight of the Day: The Destination Duping Trend – Are You Up For It?

This article is about a new travel trend called "destination duping" and its benefits.

What is destination duping?

Destination duping is when travelers choose to visit lesser-known destinations that offer a similar experience to popular, overcrowded tourist destinations.

Benefits of destination duping:

  • Reduced crowds and overtourism: By visiting less popular destinations, you can avoid the negative impacts of overtourism on popular locations.

  • More affordable travel:  Generally, these alternative destinations are less expensive than their more famous counterparts.

  • Authentic cultural experiences: You're more likely to have a more genuine experience with the local culture in a less touristy destination.

  • Environmental benefits: By choosing less crowded destinations, you contribute to reducing the environmental strain on popular tourist spots.

Examples of destination dupes mentioned in the article:

  • Pula, Croatia instead of Rome, Italy

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia instead of Venice, Italy

  • Tunis, Tunisia instead of Santorini, Greece

The article also briefly mentions the benefits of visiting "second cities" as an alternative to major tourist destinations.

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