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Insight of the Day: The grown-up way to style the tennis trend

What is "Tenniscore"?

  • It's a fashion trend inspired by classic tennis looks:  think crisp whites, pleated skirts, polo shirts, and preppy styles.

  • This year, it's bigger than ever! Designers, celebrities, and the high street are all embracing the trend.

How to Get the Look

  • Subtlety is key: Don't wear the whole outfit like you're on the court – focus on one or two sporty pieces.

  • Invest in fresh whites: Think classic white dresses, skirts, and trainers; these are staples that can be worn many ways all year.

  • Play with contrasts: Pair a pleated skirt with a graphic tee or a polo with tailored pants for a modern twist.

  • Simple staples go a long way: Invest in a cream knit or preppy knit vest to add subtle sporty vibes to your existing wardrobe.

Example Pieces for a Tennis-Inspired Wardrobe

  • Pleated midi skirt

  • White tennis dress

  • White sneakers

  • Knitted vest with sporty details

  • Polo shirt

  • Striped sweater

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