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Insight of the Day: The key drivers of livestream shopping are…

The key drivers of livestream shopping, according to the Agora study, are:

  1. Convenience: 40% of respondents identified ease of shopping as their primary motivator.

  2. Product Demonstrations: 36% of respondents are drawn to livestream shopping for the opportunity to see product demonstrations.

  3. Real-Time Interaction: 27% of respondents appreciate the ability to ask questions and receive instant feedback during livestream shopping events.

  4. Exclusive Deals: 23% of respondents are motivated by the exclusive deals and discounts offered during livestream shopping.

  5. Engagement and Fun: 21% of respondents find livestream shopping more engaging and enjoyable compared to traditional online shopping.

Additionally, the study found that younger consumers (under 55) are more receptive to livestream shopping than older consumers (55 and older). This suggests that retailers need to tailor their livestream shopping strategies to appeal to different age groups.


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