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Insight of the Day: The latest in retail media? In-store messaging platforms

In-Store Messaging Platforms: The Latest Trend in Retail Media

Retailers are increasingly investing in in-store messaging platforms to connect brands with customers at the point of purchase. This is a significant growth opportunity for retail media networks (RMNs) as it leverages the large in-store audience that most retailers have.

Key Points:

  • In-store Media's Rise: In-store media like digital screens, audio broadcasts, and strategically placed messaging are gaining traction in RMNs.

  • Hy-Vee's Approach: Hy-Vee has deployed digital screens in strategic locations within its stores, aiming to increase brand awareness and educate customers.

  • Walmart and Kroger's Investments: Walmart and Kroger have been expanding their in-store marketing capabilities, leveraging digital screens, in-store radio, and smart screens on refrigerator doors.

  • Instacart's Innovation: Instacart is testing ads on its "smart carts" in Bristol Farms stores, allowing personalized marketing based on customer behavior.

  • Northeast Grocery's Exploration: While still in the testing phase, Northeast Grocery is exploring in-store media opportunities, including digital screens and partnerships with Instacart's Carrot Ads.

  • Data Analytics: Access to data and analytics is crucial for RMNs to attract advertisers. Hy-Vee and Northeast Grocery provide granular insights on campaign performance and customer behavior.

Benefits of In-Store Messaging Platforms:

  • Increased Reach: In-store platforms reach a larger audience compared to online channels.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Personalized and contextually relevant messages can drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Improved Measurement: Data analytics offer insights into ad performance, enabling optimization and better decision-making.

  • Streamlined Advertising: Inmar's integrated platform allows brands to manage both advertising and digital coupons in one place.

The Future of Retail Media:

The Solomon Partners report projects that U.S. advertiser spending on RMNs will double by 2027, reaching $106 billion. This highlights the growing importance of retail media and the potential for in-store messaging platforms to play a significant role in its future.

In conclusion, in-store messaging platforms are a hot trend in retail media, offering brands a unique opportunity to engage with consumers at the point of purchase. As retailers continue to invest in this technology and provide robust data analytics, we can expect in-store messaging to become an even more integral part of retail media strategies.


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