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Insight of the Day: The peak of competition? Tea beverage brands start to highlight their healthy labels

The tea beverage industry is currently witnessing a fierce competition, with brands vying to highlight their healthy labels. Let’s explore the factors driving this trend:

  1. Consumer Demand for Healthier Options:

  1. Monk Fruit Sugar and Healthier Alternatives:

  1. Nutritional Health Guidance in Shanghai:

  1. Industry Competition:

  • China boasts over 163 new-style tea drink brands, leading to intense competition.

  • Brands face challenges not only from within the tea industry but also from crossover players (e.g., dairy leader Yili Group and real estate enterprise Chongqing Dongyuan Industry).

  • To stay competitive, tea drink brands must explore innovative ways to reach consumers.

  1. Peak of Competition in the Tea Drink Track:

In summary, the pursuit of healthier options, combined with industry competition, has prompted tea beverage brands to prioritize health marketing. As consumers increasingly seek well-being, brands are adapting to meet their preferences and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.


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