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Insight of the Day: The Potential of Probiotics in Naturally Functional Food in Asia

Key Findings:

  • Probiotic awareness is rising in Asia Pacific due to the popularity of fermented foods and advancements in research and development.

  • Drinking yogurt has been a significant driver of probiotic popularity, with major brands like Ambrosial and Yakult leading the way.

  • The potential of probiotics now extends beyond dairy, with opportunities in snacks, staple foods, and even brain health.

  • Probiotic dairy is thriving in Asia Pacific due to its perception as both indulgent and nutritious.

  • There is a growing trend in Asia Pacific towards paying more for products with natural, health-promoting, and unique qualities.

Key Takeaway:

The probiotic market in Asia Pacific is poised for significant growth, with opportunities in diverse food categories and new health benefit areas.


  • Increased consumer interest in health and wellness, driving demand for functional food ingredients like probiotics.

  • Growing popularity of fermented foods and awareness of their probiotic benefits.

  • Expansion of probiotics beyond dairy into snacks, staple foods, and brain health.

  • Rising consumer willingness to pay a premium for products with natural, health-promoting, and unique features.


The probiotic market in Asia Pacific presents a lucrative opportunity for brands willing to innovate and educate consumers about the diverse benefits of probiotics.

Implications for Brands:

  • Innovation: Explore new product categories and health benefit areas for probiotics, such as brain health and joint health.

  • Education: Invest in consumer education to raise awareness of the diverse benefits of probiotics beyond digestive health.

  • Premiumization: Leverage the growing trend of healthy indulgence to position probiotic products as premium offerings.

  • Collaboration: Partner with researchers and health professionals to strengthen the scientific evidence supporting probiotic benefits.

  • Marketing: Communicate the holistic wellness benefits of probiotics, emphasizing their positive impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


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