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Insight of the Day: The surprising dining trend sweeping Sydney restaurants


  • Sydney diners are increasingly opting for earlier meals, with 6pm being the most popular dining time.

  • COVID-19 lockdowns, cultural shifts towards earlier bedtimes, lack of late-night options, and restaurant practices have contributed to this trend.

  • Booking data and restaurant observations confirm the shift towards earlier dining.

Key Takeaway:

  • The traditional late-night dining culture in Sydney is declining, replaced by an early-bird dining trend.


  • The trend towards earlier dining is likely to continue, driven by changing lifestyles and preferences.


  • The early-bird dining trend presents both challenges and opportunities for the restaurant industry.

  • Restaurants may need to adapt their operating hours and offerings to cater to the changing preferences of diners.

Implications for Brands:

  • Restaurants should consider offering early-bird specials and promotions to attract diners during the earlier time slots.

  • Brands should adjust their marketing and communication strategies to align with the early-bird dining trend.

  • Restaurants may need to optimize their staffing and operations to accommodate the earlier peak hours.

  • Food delivery services could benefit from the early-bird trend by offering dinner options earlier in the evening.


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