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Insight of the Day: This is the No. 1 thing that influences Gen Z’s happiness, a new survey shows

The article highlights the key findings of a survey conducted with Gen Z individuals aged 12 to 26 years old in partnership with happiness expert Arthur C. Brooks, Gallup, and the Walton Family Foundation. Here are the main takeaways from the survey regarding Gen Z's happiness and well-being:

1. Importance of Purpose:

- The survey reveals that the most significant factor influencing Gen Z's happiness is their sense of purpose at work or school. Having a meaningful and fulfilling role contributes significantly to their overall well-being.

- However, a significant portion (between 43% and 49%) of Gen Z individuals do not feel that what they do daily is interesting, important, or motivating, indicating a lack of fulfillment in their current activities.

2. Top Influences on Gen Z's Happiness:

- The survey identifies four main drivers of happiness among Gen Zers: Purpose and meaning, basic needs and security, negative emotions and social pressure, and positive social connections.

- Basic needs such as sleep and relaxation play a crucial role in determining the happiness levels of Gen Z individuals. Additionally, the impact of social connections, whether positive or negative, is emphasized.

3. Impact of Social Media:

- While Gen Zers may have many online connections through social media platforms, the survey suggests that these connections may lack depth and fulfillment. Online interactions are compared to "junk food" of social connections, providing temporary satisfaction but lacking long-term fulfillment.

- In-person interactions with friends and loved ones are highlighted as more rewarding and beneficial for Gen Zers' well-being. Spending time with others in real life is associated with greater feelings of love, support, and connection.

4. Recommendations for Gen Z Well-Being:

- The survey underscores the importance of meaningful work and genuine social connections for the happiness of Gen Z individuals. Prioritizing fulfilling roles and nurturing deep, in-person relationships can lead to greater long-term satisfaction and well-being.

- It is advised for Gen Zers to not solely rely on social media for social interactions but to seek meaningful connections and support in real-life settings to cultivate a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Overall, the survey sheds light on the factors influencing the happiness and well-being of Gen Z individuals, emphasizing the significance of purpose, meaningful connections, and self-care practices in maintaining a positive and fulfilling life.

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