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Insight of the Day: Thomas’ revives breakfast with first brand character in 144-year history

Key Takeaways:

  • New Mascot: Thomas' Breakfast introduces Thom, its first brand character in 144 years, as part of the "Huzzah! A Toast to Breakfast" campaign.

  • Brand Building: This move aligns with a broader trend of brands returning to brand-building initiatives.

  • Campaign Goal: Thom aims to encourage consumers to slow down during their busy mornings and enjoy breakfast.

  • Marketing Channels: The campaign spans digital, social media, linear TV, connected TV (CTV), and other channels, showcasing Thomas' breakfast products.

  • Creative Agency: The effort was created in collaboration with agencies Vault Communications, DDB Worldwide, PHD Media, and Millennium Communications.

Additional Insights:

  • Breakfast Marketing Trend: Thomas' joins other breakfast marketers like Quaker in ramping up creative activity.

  • Mascot Success: The success of mascots like Pop-Tarts' edible mascot demonstrates the potential impact of a likable character.

  • Thomas' Recent Marketing Efforts: Thomas' has engaged in other marketing activities, including limited-edition merchandise, sweepstakes, and product launches.


Thomas' introduction of Thom marks a significant shift in the brand's marketing strategy, focusing on brand building and engaging consumers with a relatable character. The campaign aims to revitalize breakfast enjoyment amidst the morning rush, leveraging various marketing channels to reach a wide audience. The success of this campaign could potentially inspire other brands to explore similar brand-building initiatives.

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