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Insight of the Day: Unifying Local Advertising: A Call to Arms for Restaurant Marketing Leaders

Unifying Local Advertising: Key Takeaways and Implications for Restaurant Brands

Key Findings:

  • Local Content Engagement: Localized content outperforms non-localized content by up to 12 times in engagement.

  • Digital Marketing Investment: 62% of QSR leaders plan to invest in digital or location-based marketing in 2024.

  • Disconnect in Local Advertising: Despite technological advancements, there's a gap between systemwide and local advertising efforts.

  • Tech Advancements: APIs, automation, and AI are rapidly transforming the adtech landscape, offering new opportunities for local advertising.

Key Takeaway:

Restaurant brand marketers need to bridge the gap between systemwide and local advertising by empowering local operators with the same sophisticated tools and strategies. This will lead to increased engagement, improved ROI, and a more cohesive brand message.


The rise of multi-location advertising platforms allows brand marketers to maintain control over strategy and creative while giving franchisees the flexibility to customize campaigns for local audiences.


  • Local Activation is Key: Engaging consumers at the local level is crucial for driving meaningful interactions and incremental sales.

  • Technology is the Enabler: Multi-location advertising platforms provide the tools to streamline local activation, measure ROI, and align local efforts with overall brand strategy.

  • Unity is the Future: The future of restaurant marketing lies in uniting brand initiatives with local relevance, fostering collaboration between franchisees and brand marketers, and leveraging technology to achieve shared goals.

Implications for Brands:

  • Invest in Multi-Location Advertising Platforms: Implement platforms that enable local customization and measurement of ROI.

  • Empower Franchisees: Provide franchisees with the tools and resources they need to execute effective local advertising campaigns.

  • Align Brand and Local Strategies: Ensure a cohesive brand message across all levels of marketing by bridging the gap between systemwide and local efforts.

  • Track and Measure Results: Monitor the performance of local campaigns to identify areas for improvement and optimize future strategies.

By embracing unified local advertising, restaurant brands can harness the power of local relevance and drive greater engagement, sales, and overall business success.


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