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Insight of the Day: Unlocking Fragrance Consumer Trends in Western Europe

This article from Euromonitor International highlights key consumer trends in the fragrance industry in Western Europe. Some of the key takeaways include:

- Fragrance sales bounced back strongly post-pandemic, with a shift towards wellness and emotional wellbeing driving growth in the industry.

- Male and female consumers prioritize different functional details in fragrances, with men focusing on expensive feel and longevity, while women prioritize unique combination notes.

- Demand for unique or customised fragrances is increasing, especially among young consumers looking to express individuality.

- Western Europe accounts for the biggest value share in the global fragrance market, with high daily fragrance usage and frequent purchase habits.

- Premium traits remain a top priority for fragrance shoppers in Western Europe, with a growing demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

- Premiumisation merges with sustainability as leading brands offer refillable and sustainable packaging options in response to consumer demand.

Overall, the fragrance industry in Western Europe is experiencing growth fueled by changing consumer preferences towards wellness, individuality, sustainability, and premium quality products. Industry players are adapting to these trends by offering personalized, sustainable, and premium fragrance options to cater to evolving consumer demands.

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