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Insight of the Day: Unraveling brand boycotts: What are the top triggers for consumer boycotts across global markets?

The article discusses the top triggers for consumer boycotts across global markets, shedding light on the reasons consumers might choose to boycott a brand. Here are the key points highlighted in the text:

Likelihood of Consumers to Engage in Brand Boycotts:

  • Over 70% of consumers across 17 international markets would boycott a brand if they object to the company's actions or leadership.

  • The markets with the highest proportion of potentially activistic consumers (over six in seven) include UAE (88%), Indonesia (86%), Hong Kong, Australia (both 85%), Canada (84%), Denmark (83%), and Britain (82%).

  • Markets with the lowest likelihood of boycotting brands include Poland (73%) and the USA (74%).

  • Sweden has a higher percentage of consumers who are unsure about boycotting a brand (11%).

Top Reasons for Consumer Boycotts Across Markets:

  1. Health Risks: The most common reason for boycotting a brand is if the company's products pose health risks, such as containing toxic or cancer-causing substances. This reason is prevalent across all markets, except for Poland, India, and Mexico.

  2. Unethical Practices: Boycotting a company that engages in unethical practices, like child labor or union busting, is another common reason for consumers to avoid a brand.

  3. Business with Countries of Disapproval: Consumers are likely to boycott brands that do business with countries whose actions they disapprove of, such as military aggression, terrorism, human rights issues, and unfair trade practices.

Market-Specific Insights:

  • Consumers in Britain, Australia, Canada, and Denmark are most likely to boycott a company with products posing health risks.

  • Boycotting unethical practices ranks second across most markets.

  • Boycotting brands doing business with countries engaging in objectionable actions is another common reason for consumer boycotts globally.

The article provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and the factors that drive brand boycotts across various markets.

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