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Insight of the Day: Viral Pat McGrath make-up for Martin Margiela haute couture show proves ‘clean girl’ look is on the out

The article discusses the viral Pat McGrath make-up look featured at Maison Margiela's haute couture spring/summer 2024 show, which has gained popularity on TikTok and social media. The look, characterized by glossy skin, thin eyebrows, and bow lips, has been referred to as "mannequin make-up" and has sparked a shift away from the natural "clean girl" aesthetic that has been prevalent in recent years.

The article highlights how the Maison Margiela show marked the comeback of fantastical runway make-up, inspired by 1930s Paris and created using a special mixture of face masks and water. Pat McGrath's porcelain doll-like make-up look has resonated with audiences, tapping into a desire for escapism and fantasy in a time when mainstream beauty trends have focused on a more natural look.

Trend forecasting experts suggest that the success of the porcelain doll look can be attributed to Gen Z's desire for dynamic and dramatic aesthetics that break away from the clean girl look. As a result, the next couture season may see more designers and make-up artists pushing the boundaries of traditional beauty with otherworldly and ethereal looks.

Overall, the article explores how the popularity of the porcelain doll make-up look signifies a shift in mainstream make-up trends towards more playful and transformative aesthetics, embracing glitters, pastels, and bright artificial colors for a touch of joy in everyday looks.

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