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Insight of the Day: What is TikTok’s ‘soft travel’ trend and why is it becoming so popular?

The TikTok "soft travel" trend focuses on taking a relaxed and leisurely approach to travel, as opposed to the traditional fast-paced and busy itinerary style of traveling. It is becoming popular as more people are realizing the importance of taking a real break and prioritizing their well-being while on vacation. Soft travel encourages travelers to slow down, relax, and enjoy simple pleasures, such as strolling through neighborhoods, getting lost in local shops, and being present in the moment.

Soft travel is similar to slow travel in the sense that it promotes a mindful and sustainable approach to exploring new destinations. However, soft travel is seen as a more achievable version of slow travel, as it can be incorporated into shorter trips and doesn't require as much time commitment. The trend also emphasizes the importance of seeking deeper and more meaningful travel experiences, supporting local businesses, and making environmentally sustainable decisions.

To tap into the soft travel trend, travelers are encouraged to book accommodations off the beaten tourist path, immerse themselves in the local culture, and resist over-scheduling their itineraries. Slowing down, enjoying unstructured time, and prioritizing nature and relaxation are key components of practicing soft travel. Ultimately, soft travel is about taking a more leisurely and mindful approach to travel, focusing on well-being, connecting with local communities, and enjoying the journey.

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