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Insight of the Day: Where Will the TikTok Beauty Buyer Go?

According to the breaking research from Tinuiti, if TikTok is banned in the United States, beauty enthusiasts and TikTok users are expected to migrate to different platforms. Here are the potential destinations for TikTok users:

  1. Instagram: Gen Z users are expected to move to Instagram, with 47 percent of respondents planning to migrate to this platform. Instagram is a popular choice among younger generations and offers various features for content creation and monetization.

  2. Facebook: Older generations are likely to return to scrolling Facebook if TikTok is banned. Facebook has a large user base and provides opportunities for content creators to reach a wide audience.

  3. YouTube: YouTube, which has been focusing on short-form content to compete with TikTok, comes in third as a potential destination for TikTok users. YouTube offers monetization options for content creators and has a diverse range of content.

In addition to these major platforms, smaller apps also have the potential to gain popularity if creators need to migrate. According to ABI research analyst Lian Jye Su, most users will follow content creators to their next platform of choice. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts are expected to benefit the most as content creators prefer platforms where they can monetize their content.

As for the fate of TikTok, a bill signed by President Joe Biden on March 17, 2024, requires the sale of TikTok by its parent company, ByteDance, within 90 days or face a total ban in the United States. ByteDance has promised to mount legal challenges to prevent the forced sale. While the process to determine the fate of TikTok may take longer than a year due to legal challenges, if the app is banned, it does not necessarily mean that it will disappear completely.

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