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Insight of the Day: Why Walmart launched a premium grocery label, with fancy branding to match

Here's a summary of the article, highlighting the key points of Walmart's new brand strategy:

Walmart's New Premium Image

  • Walmart has introduced a private label brand called Bettergoods to appeal to more affluent and trend-conscious shoppers.

  • This brand is designed to compete with brands like Target's Good and Gather, as well as trendy DTC products.

Key Elements of the Rebrand

  • Name: "Bettergoods" clearly suggests better quality and ingredients compared to their standard store brand.

  • Packaging:  Bold colors, expressive visuals, and emphasis on quality ingredients are used to make the products look more premium.

  • Products: The line includes items like plant-based cheese, organic milk, and specialty items that appeal to a wider demographic.

Why the Change?

  • Attract New Customers: Walmart wants to appeal to younger shoppers and those who typically seek out pricier brands.

  • Address Inflation Concerns:  Even though Bettergoods is slightly more expensive, it still aims to be affordable, catering to consumers who started shopping at Walmart during rising inflation periods.

  • Listen to Customers:  Walmart is responding to customer demand for more on-trend, premium-quality food choices.


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