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Insight of the Day: Women-led Beauty & Wellness Search Trend Data

A new study from Yelp has provided insight into the power of the “she-conomy." Women-led beauty and wellness trends showed the largest search increases, ahead of fashion and other categories, according to the popular web and mobile app platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses.

It shows that there is a growing interest in businesses and brands founded and led by women in the beauty and wellness industry. The infographic in the article provides insights into the top search trends and keywords related to women-led businesses in this sector.

Some key takeaways from the data include:

Search interest in women-led beauty and wellness businesses has been steadily increasing over the past few years.

Keywords such as "women-owned beauty brands," "female wellness entrepreneurs," and "women-led skincare companies" have seen a significant spike in search volume.

Consumers are actively seeking out women-led businesses in the beauty and wellness industry, indicating a growing interest in supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs.

Overall, the data presented in the article suggests that there is a strong demand for women-led beauty and wellness businesses, and consumers are increasingly turning to these brands for their products and services.

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