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Insight of the Day: Would you ‘rawdog’ a flight? Bizarre travel trend sweeping TikTok explained

TikTok Travel Trend: "Rawdogging" Flights

Key Takeaway:

A new TikTok travel trend called "rawdogging" is gaining popularity, where passengers challenge themselves to endure long-haul flights without any in-flight entertainment or distractions.


  • Rawdogging Definition: "Rawdogging" involves flying without films, music, sleep, snacks, or distractions.

  • Social Media Sharing: TikTok users are sharing their "personal best" rawdogging attempts.

  • Comparisons to Hijack: The trend draws parallels to Idris Elba's character in the Apple TV series "Hijack."

  • In-Flight Map Exception: Some allow themselves to watch the in-flight map as a single screen-time exception.

  • Positive Reception: The trend has been met with positive responses on TikTok, with users highlighting its potential as a "dopamine detox."


The "rawdogging" trend reflects a growing desire for digital detoxes and mindfulness practices, even during travel. It also taps into the appeal of self-imposed challenges and sharing personal achievements on social media.

Consumers Addressed:

  • Frequent Flyers: Those who regularly take long-haul flights and may be seeking alternative ways to pass the time.

  • Minimalist Travelers: Individuals who prefer a simplified travel experience without excessive distractions.

  • TikTok Users: The trend primarily appeals to TikTok users who engage with and participate in viral challenges.


  • The "rawdogging" trend is a unique and surprising development in the travel industry.

  • It highlights the potential benefits of disconnecting from technology and embracing mindfulness during travel.

  • The trend's popularity suggests a growing interest in alternative in-flight experiences.

Implications for Brands:

  • Airlines and Travel Companies: Could potentially leverage this trend by offering "rawdogging" packages or promotions that cater to those seeking a minimalist travel experience.

  • Content Creators: Can capitalize on the trend by creating content around rawdogging experiences and challenges.

Implications for Society:

  • Digital Detox: The trend may encourage individuals to reconsider their relationship with technology and seek out opportunities for disconnection.

  • Mindfulness in Travel: It could promote a more mindful and present approach to travel, focusing on the journey itself rather than relying on external entertainment.

  • Shift in Travel Expectations: The trend could lead to a shift in consumer expectations for in-flight entertainment options.


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