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Insight of the Destination pleasure: The growing trend of travel for 'sexual wellness'

Sexual wellness is a growing trend in the travel industry, with more people choosing to embark on vacations focused on improving their sexual well-being. This trend has prompted hotels, resorts, and independent travel companies to offer promotions and packages catering to this sexually motivated group of travelers. The Global Wellness Institute has predicted that global wellness tourism, which includes sexual wellness programs, will become a $1.4 trillion industry by 2027. Conde Nast Traveler has also recognized sexual wellness as one of the top travel trends for 2024.

Travelers seeking sexual wellness experiences can find a range of programs and offerings. For example, Miraval Arizona, an exclusive resort and spa, offers sexual wellness programs taught by sexuality educator Lyndi Rivers. These programs focus on enhancing communication, self-connection, and understanding of desire. Participants can learn skills to improve their sex lives and relationships. Similarly, SHA Mexico, an all-inclusive luxury resort and clinic, provides comprehensive evaluations of physical, emotional, and mental health as part of its basic stay. Guests can choose additional medical treatments, such as shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction or physiotherapy sessions to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, to enhance their sexual wellness.

Other options for sexual wellness retreats and treatments include IntimacyMoons, which offers private retreats for business executives and their partners, and Back to the Body, an independent travel company that emphasizes bodywork sessions and intimacy coaching. Some hotels are also exploring wellness programs that address specific concerns related to sexual health, such as menopause.

While sexual wellness programs can vary in their offerings and effectiveness, it is recommended to contact properties directly for detailed information. It's important to approach these trips with an open mind, a willingness to connect with oneself or one's partner, and a readiness to engage in the work required to improve sexual well-being.

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