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Innovation of the Day: Chips Ahoy! to debut new cookie recipe with improved chocolate chips

Chips Ahoy! introduces new cookie flavor: S'mores

Chips Ahoy! has announced the launch of a new cookie flavor, S'mores, just in time for summer. The new cookie features a graham-flavored cookie base with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows mixed in.

"We are always looking for ways to bring new and exciting flavors to our fans, and S'mores is a classic summer treat that we knew would be a hit," said a spokesperson for Chips Ahoy!.

The S'mores flavor joins a lineup of popular cookie varieties from Chips Ahoy!, including original chocolate chip, chewy, and white fudge chunk.

The new S'mores cookies are now available in stores nationwide, and fans can expect to see them on shelves throughout the summer months.

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