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Innovation of the Day: Expanded Summertime Cafe Menus

Key Points: Costa Coffee's Summer Menu

  • Signature Flavor: Introducing the Iced Whipped Latte for a creamy, sweet coffee option.

  • New Food:  Unique flatbreads like Chicken Shawarma and Tandoori Spiced Bhaji cater to diverse tastes.

  • Refreshing Drinks:  Blueberry Bubble Frappe and Raspberry Mini-Bubble Frappe add playful, summery options.

  • Availability: Now available at Costa Coffee locations nationwide.

Trend Themes Identified

  • Innovation: Costa Coffee seeks to attract customers with new flavors and textures.

  • Seasonality: The summer menu highlights limited-time options that align with changing weather and preferences.

  • Refreshment: Emphasis on fun and fruity drinks adds to the summery theme.

Industry Implications

  • Competition in the Coffee Market:  Limited-time offerings and unique flavors could help Costa Coffee differentiate itself from competitors.

  • Experiential Dining:  Interesting food options move beyond standard coffee shop fare and create a more engaging experience.

  • Marketing Opportunities: Seasonal menus can be heavily promoted to draw attention, encourage customer trials, and drive social media buzz.


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