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Innovation of the Day: Guilt-Free Ice Creams

Halo Top is making a splash in the Canadian ice cream market with two new flavors: Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

These flavors, already popular in the US, boast only 140 calories per serving, catering to health-conscious Canadians who want a guilt-free indulgence.

Here's what makes these new offerings exciting:

  • More Cookies in Cookies & Cream: This flavor gets a delicious upgrade with even more cookie pieces. Bonus: it's also certified gluten-free!

  • Low-Calorie, High-Protein: Staying true to their brand, Halo Top keeps the calorie count low while offering a protein boost.

  • Canadian Made, Good for You: Halo Top uses Canadian dairy in these new flavors, reflecting a commitment to both quality ingredients and supporting local producers.

This launch signifies a few trends in the Canadian market:

  • Rise of Better-for-You Frozen Treats: Consumers are looking for healthier options, and Halo Top is leading the charge with their lower-calorie ice cream.

  • Demand for Low-Calorie Indulgence: People still want to enjoy sweet treats, but they're seeking options that fit their health goals. Halo Top provides that option.

  • Focus on Inclusivity: The gluten-free certification on the Cookies & Cream flavor demonstrates a growing awareness of dietary needs in the frozen dessert industry.

Overall, Halo Top's expansion into Canada with these new flavors reflects a shift towards healthier and more inclusive choices in the frozen dessert aisle.


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