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Innovation of the Day: Heineken transforms laundromats into late-night sports viewing spots

The Problem:

  • Hardcore UEFA Champions League fans in South Korea face a unique challenge:  the matches air live during the early morning when bars are closed.

Heineken's Creative Solution:

  • "LaundroMatch" campaign transforms 24-hour laundromats into makeshift sports bars.

  • Consumers scan QR codes on washing machines for access to live matches on SPOTV.

  • The quirky activation aligns with Heineken's "Cheers to the Real Hardcore Fans" campaign, celebrating dedicated fans who go the extra mile for their team.

Why it Matters:

  • Heineken recognizes and caters to the unique needs of international sports fans.

  • The campaign taps into the existing infrastructure of 24-hour businesses to solve a real problem.

  • It showcases Heineken's understanding of fan culture and its willingness to think outside the box.

Similar Efforts:

  • Heineken's past campaigns like "The Boring Phone" and the gaming PC fridge illustrate a commitment to innovative and engaging marketing.


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