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Innovation of the Day: Hialeah brothers blend Cuban heritage and American innovation to create a craft rum

Hialeah brothers blend Cuban heritage and American innovation to create a craft rum

Two Cuban American brothers, Anthony and Jesus Costa, have combined their cultural heritage with American innovation to craft a distinctive rum called Progress Rum. The rum reflects their cultural identity and pays tribute to the history of their hometown, Hialeah.

Anthony, who was studying chemical engineering, and Jesus, who was pursuing a Master's in finance, decided to enter the liquor market and chose rum as their specialty due to its cultural significance. Progress Rum was launched in November 2023, featuring two blends of aged rums that offer flavors of dark chocolate, nuts, and spices.

The brothers invested over $150,000 in their venture, creating a unique product based on blends of rums that cannot be easily replicated by others in the industry. The fusion process took about eight months of meticulous experimentation and testing, involving both brothers and their mother, Maria Costa.

Progress Rum offers two variations, Silver and Aged, each bringing a distinct experience to consumers. The Aged Rum blend comprises four styles of rums from different regions, while the Silver Rum combines various aged rums for a tropical and citrusy flavor profile.

The rum is currently available in select liquor stores in Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, and Miami Lakes, with positive reception from both customers and industry experts. The Costa brothers aim to continue promoting their premium product through tastings across Miami-Dade and aspire to establish their own distillery in the future.

By creating a high-quality rum that challenges common perceptions of the spirit, the Costa brothers are making a mark in the industry and showcasing their Cuban heritage and American spirit through Progress Rum.

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