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Innovation of the Day: Library uses ChatGPT to turn popular books into choose-your-own-adventure games

NLB Playbrary: A New Way to Engage with Books

The National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) has launched Playbrary, an innovative platform that uses ChatGPT to transform classic books into interactive choose-your-own-adventure games.

How It Works:

  1. Readers/players visit the Playbrary website and select a book.

  2. They receive a custom prompt designed for ChatGPT.

  3. Starting at a pivotal moment in the story, players become the protagonist and make choices from three options that influence the plot.

  4. ChatGPT responds based on the book's established universe, allowing players to explore new storylines and twists.

Key Points:

  • Personalization: Playbrary leverages AI to provide a unique and personalized reading experience.

  • Accessibility: The platform is available across 1,000 books for ChatGPT Plus users and a smaller selection for free users.

  • Innovation: This initiative demonstrates NLB's commitment to engaging younger Singaporeans with books in novel ways.

  • Trend Bite: Playbrary aligns with the growing consumer expectation for personalized and interactive brand experiences.

Beyond Playbrary:

NLB has also partnered with Uniqlo on a collection based on Singapore Literature, further showcasing their dedication to promoting local literature and engaging new audiences.

Implications for Brands:

Playbrary's success highlights the importance of embracing personalization and allowing consumers to engage with brands and content on their own terms. As AI technology continues to evolve, businesses should consider how they can incorporate interactive and customizable experiences into their offerings.


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