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Innovation of the Day: Opting not to waste, Madre Natura shows last season's clothing at Australian Fashion Week

Madre Natura, a sustainable Australian fashion label, made a significant statement at Australian Fashion Week 2024 by choosing not to release a new collection. Instead, they showcased their previous line, "The Last Season Collection," with a commitment to selling it out completely before creating new designs.

Key points:

  • Anti-Waste Stance: Madre Natura's decision directly addresses the issue of textile waste in Australia, where 500 million kilograms of clothing end up in landfills annually.

  • Live-Streamed Runway Show: The brand utilized TikTok to live-stream the runway show, allowing viewers to shop the looks in real-time, further promoting the message of sustainability and conscious consumption.

  • Slow Fashion Values: Madre Natura's commitment to local production in Sydney and lifetime repairs aligns with slow fashion principles, emphasizing quality and longevity over fast fashion's disposable culture.

  • Industry Impact: The brand's bold move at AFW24 serves as an example for other designers and retailers to consider more sustainable practices and challenge the traditional fashion cycle.

Overall: Madre Natura's decision to prioritize sustainability over releasing a new collection at Australian Fashion Week is a powerful message that resonates with consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. It demonstrates a commitment to action and challenges the industry to rethink its practices.


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