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Innovation of the Day: QSR Plunge Buckets


  • Ruffles and KFC collaborated to create the spiciest Ruffles flavor yet: Ruffles Double Crunch KFC Zinger.

  • A limited-edition "Plunge Bucket" was created to help consumers cool off from the spicy chips.

  • The Plunge Bucket is shaped like a KFC bucket and holds a bag of the Ruffles Double Crunch KFC Zinger chips.

Key Takeaway:

Ruffles and KFC are leveraging the popularity of spicy snacks and the "cold plunge" trend to create a unique and engaging marketing campaign for their new chip flavor.


The collaboration highlights the growing trend of cross-brand partnerships to create unique and innovative products that appeal to a wider audience. It also taps into the rising popularity of spicy foods and the "cold plunge" wellness trend.

Consumers Addressed:

The campaign primarily targets consumers who enjoy spicy snacks and KFC's Zinger Sandwich, as well as those interested in unique food experiences and wellness trends.


The Ruffles and KFC collaboration demonstrates a creative approach to product marketing by combining a new spicy chip flavor with a novel way to cool down. The limited-edition Plunge Bucket adds an element of exclusivity and excitement to the campaign.

Implications for Brands:

The success of this collaboration could encourage other brands to explore similar cross-brand partnerships and create unique products or experiences to engage consumers. It also highlights the importance of tapping into current trends and consumer preferences to create buzz and drive sales.

Implications for Society:

The campaign's focus on spicy food and the "cold plunge" trend could further popularize these trends and influence consumer behavior. It also demonstrates the power of social media in promoting products and engaging with consumers.


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