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Innovation of the Day: Revived 90s Lunch Kits

The Lunchables lunch kits are making their way back into retailers in Canada after a 15-year hiatus to provide consumers with a way to relive their childhood and even pass on the tradition to their little ones.

The lunch kits come in five varieties to choose from including Turkey Cracker Stackers, Ham Cracker Stackers, Pepperoni Pizza, Nachos and Cheese Pizza. Each of the kits are crafted without the use of artificial flavors or colors and have at least 10-grams of protein in each. The meals each come with a small treat, which includes a cookie or even a candy bar, depending on the variety.

Head of Marketing and Strategy at Kraft Heinz Daniel Gotlib commented on the return of Lunchables lunch kits saying, "We are so excited for Lunchables return to Canada and all the great things kids will be able to build with the brand. Canadians have been demanding for more variety in the grocery store, especially for more convenient, wholesome mealtime and snack options, and Lunchables is another great option for fans to enjoy.”

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