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Innovation of the Day: Since nobody reads car owner's manuals, Audi merged theirs with seven novellas

The Problem

  • Car manuals are vital for safety and optimal use but are notoriously dull and often ignored.

Audi's Solution

  • Embed technical information within engaging short stories, creating a unique and memorable learning experience.

  • Partner with respected publishing house Penguin Random House to add credibility and literary quality to the project.

Key Outcomes

  • Improved Engagement:  Readers are more likely to learn about their car's features when that information is integrated within a captivating story.

  • Enhanced Memorability:  The storytelling format fosters a deeper connection to the technical details, aiding retention.

  • Brand Differentiation: Audi stands out from competitors by showcasing innovation and a focus on customer experience.

Trend Takeaway

  • Gamifying Learning: Technical, mundane information can be transformed into engaging experiences through creative techniques like storytelling.

  • Brand Positioning: Companies can use creativity to highlight their unique value proposition, building brand affinity and customer loyalty.

Additional Considerations

  • Accessibility: Would making these novellas available as audiobooks or via voice assistants be even more helpful for users on the go?

  • Potential Expansion: Could this concept be applied to other industries where technical manuals are often overlooked (think appliances, electronics)?


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