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Innovation of the Day: Sunscreen-Inspired Retail Smoothies


Erewhon, a Los Angeles-based health food store, has partnered with Vacation, a sunscreen brand, to launch a new smoothie called "Sunscreen Smoothie."

Key Takeaway:

The collaboration between Erewhon and Vacation marks a departure from Erewhon's previous celebrity-focused smoothie partnerships, highlighting a new trend of brand collaborations in the food and beverage industry.


This collaboration demonstrates a growing trend of brands from different industries partnering to create unique and innovative products, expanding their reach and appealing to new audiences.


The Sunscreen Smoothie's unique flavor profile, inspired by Vacation's sunscreen lotion, is likely to attract attention and generate buzz among both Erewhon's health-conscious clientele and Vacation's sun-loving customers.

Implications for Brands:

  • Cross-industry collaborations: Brands can explore partnerships with companies from different industries to create novel products and reach new audiences.

  • Unique flavor profiles: Developing unique and unexpected flavor combinations can help brands differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

  • Limited-time offers: Offering exclusive deals or limited-time promotions can create excitement and drive sales.

  • Membership benefits: Rewarding loyal customers with exclusive perks, such as free products, can foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


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