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Innovation of the Day: Top 10 Food + Drink Products: IFE 2024

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) in London showcased a diverse range of innovative food and drink products. Here are 10 standout products from the event:

1. Juno Bamboo Water: Juno presented a line of canned bamboo waters in flavors like Zesty Yuzu, Juicy Mango, and Passion Fruit, leveraging bamboo, a herbal remedy, to quench thirst.

2. Quarterpast Energy Concentrates: New Zealand-based Quarterpast introduced caffeinated energy concentrates in flavors like Tropical, Gold Kiwi, and Watermelon, designed to be added to beverages for a cold caffeine boost.

3. Arthouse Unlimited Confectionery: UK-based charity Arthouse Unlimited displayed brightly hued confectionery products, with packaging created by individuals with neurodiverse and physical support needs.

4. Keep Keto Crackers and Condiments: Australian brand Keep Keto showcased keto-friendly crackers and condiments made with clean ingredients, appealing to those following the keto regime or aiming to control sugar intake.

5. Pekis Taco Fillers: Spanish brand Pekis for Foodies offered taco fillers in flavors like Pollo Tikka Masala and Chicken Teriyaki, catering to Gen Z's desire for ethnic and spicy fare.

6. Yee Kwan Pan-Asian Ice Cream: UK-based Yee Kwan presented handcrafted Pan-Asian ice cream flavors like Taro, Vietnamese Coffee, and Chocolate Miso, tapping into the trend of mainstreaming Asian flavors.

7. Crying Thaiger Sriracha Sauces: Thai condiments brand Crying Thaiger showcased sriracha chilli sauces infused with flavors like Wasabi, Turmeric, and Teriyaki, targeting consumers looking to elevate their dishes with premium condiments.

8. Pergola Canned Session Cocktails: British alcohol brand Pergola introduced canned session cocktails like Margarita with mint and yuzu and Tequila & Tonic with vanilla and cinnamon, perfect for summer gatherings.

9. Good Phats Oils: Good Phats presented a range of oils including Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Avocado Oil, and Organic C8 MCT Oil, with tasting notes printed on the labels.

10. Milkis Cream Soda Drinks: South Korean brand Milkis showcased cream soda drinks in flavors like Strawberry, Original, and Banana, blending fruity and milky tasting notes.

These products demonstrate a diverse range of flavors, ingredients, and concepts catering to various consumer preferences and dietary needs.

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