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Insight of the Day: 22% of UK consumers think sunscreen is “harmful” to their skin


  • A significant portion of UK consumers hold misconceptions about sun safety, particularly regarding the necessity and effects of sunscreen.

  • Younger consumers and men are more likely to be misinformed.

  • There has been a recent positive shift in attitudes towards sun safety.

Key takeaway:

Misconceptions about sun safety, especially regarding sunscreen, are widespread among UK consumers, highlighting the need for education and awareness campaigns.


While misinformation persists, there is a growing awareness of sun safety among UK consumers.

Consumers addressed:

The research primarily addresses UK consumers, with a focus on younger demographics and men who exhibit higher levels of misinformation.


  • Educational efforts are crucial to dispel misconceptions about sun safety and promote the use of sunscreen.

  • Brands and health organizations need to target their messaging towards younger demographics and men to effectively address their specific misconceptions.

Implications for brands:

  • Brands can leverage the growing awareness of sun safety to promote their sun care products.

  • They should focus on educational campaigns to dispel misconceptions and highlight the benefits of sunscreen.

  • Tailoring messaging to specific demographics, such as younger consumers and men, can increase the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Implications for society:

  • Improved sun safety awareness can lead to a decrease in skin cancer rates and other sun-related health issues.

  • Increased knowledge about sunscreen can encourage its regular use, contributing to better public health outcomes.

  • Educational initiatives can empower individuals to make informed decisions about sun protection, leading to healthier lifestyles.


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