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Insight of the Day: 30% of US Consumers Count on Side Hustles to Pay the Bills

Key Takeaways:

  • Side Hustles Prevalent: 30% of US consumers rely on side hustles for financial stability, with a higher percentage (53%) among those living paycheck to paycheck.

  • High-Income Earners Join the Trend: Surprisingly, 26% of high-income earners (over $100,000 annually) have also taken up side gigs, primarily through active income sources like reselling items or informal tasks.

  • Active vs. Passive Income: High-income earners are more likely to earn supplemental income actively, while those with lower incomes tend to rely on passive sources like investments.

  • Financial Strain Across Incomes: While inflation is easing, the need for financial support from friends and family persists across all income levels.


  • Economic Uncertainty: Despite easing inflation, the prevalence of side hustles highlights continued economic uncertainty and the need for additional income sources.

  • Changing Work Landscape: The gig economy is becoming increasingly normalized, even among high-income earners, as a means to supplement income and pursue diverse interests.

  • Financial Vulnerability: Reliance on side hustles and financial support from loved ones underscores the financial vulnerability of many Americans, regardless of income level.

  • Business Opportunities: The growing popularity of side hustles presents opportunities for businesses catering to this market, offering platforms, tools, and resources for individuals to monetize their skills and passions.

Overall, the data reveals a complex picture of the American workforce, with individuals across the income spectrum seeking additional income streams to achieve financial stability and pursue their goals.

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