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Insight of the Day: $400 for one pineapple: The rise of luxury fruit

$400 for a Pineapple: The Rise of Luxury Fruit

Key Points:

  • Rubyglow Pineapple: Del Monte has developed a red pineapple called the Rubyglow, which sells for $395.99 at Melissa's Produce.

  • Consumer Interest: Despite the high price, there is interest in premium fruit, driven by a desire for new and exciting varieties.

  • Premium Fruit Trend: The success of fruits like Honeycrisp apples, Cotton Candy grapes, and Sumo Citrus demonstrates consumers' willingness to pay more for unique and flavorful produce.

  • Oishii Strawberries: Oishii's vertically-grown Japanese strawberries initially sold for $50 per pack and generated significant demand, highlighting the potential for high-end fruit.

  • Del Monte's Pinkglow Pineapple: Del Monte's pink-fleshed pineapple, initially priced at $50, gained popularity through social media and food influencers.

  • Rubyglow's Niche Market: While not a mass-market product, the Rubyglow appeals to a niche market of gourmands and those seeking unique gifts.

  • Taste and Presentation: The Rubyglow is praised for its sweetness and lack of bitterness, as well as its striking red exterior.

  • Future Potential: While the $400 price point may be unsustainable, the Rubyglow could find a place as a centerpiece or luxury item for special occasions.

Additional Insights:

  • The development of new fruit varieties is a costly and time-consuming process.

  • Consumers are increasingly interested in trying unique and flavorful fruits, even if they come at a premium price.

  • The success of high-priced fruits like the Rubyglow depends on their ability to create a sense of exclusivity and luxury.

  • Social media and food influencers play a significant role in promoting and generating buzz for premium fruit.

Overall, the article explores the growing trend of luxury fruit and the factors that contribute to consumer demand for these high-priced items.

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