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Insight of the Day: Americans want more local, shorter escapes this summer


A survey by ResortPass reveals that Americans are not taking full advantage of their summer vacation time, with many wishing they had more memorable outings. While most Americans took an average of 1.6 vacations last summer, their ideal number is 2.5.

Key Takeaway:

Americans are recognizing the benefits of shorter, more frequent vacations and local travel to maximize their time off and create more memorable experiences.


There's a growing trend towards "daycations" and local travel as Americans seek ways to relax and recharge without the need for extended or expensive vacations.

Consumer Motivation:

Americans are motivated by the desire for rest, relaxation, and memorable experiences during their summer break. They are also increasingly interested in exploring local destinations and taking advantage of hotel amenities without booking overnight stays.

Driving Trend:

The trend is driven by several factors, including a desire for more frequent breaks from work, the increasing popularity of daycations and local travel, and the growing awareness of the benefits of shorter vacations for relaxation and recharging.

Target Audience:

The survey primarily focuses on employed Americans, particularly those who typically stay home during their time off. However, it also includes insights into the preferences of Gen Z and Millennials regarding poolside activities and dining.

Product/Service Description:

The article mentions ResortPass, a platform that allows users to book day passes to hotel pools and amenities, highlighting the growing popularity of daycations and the desire for shorter, more frequent getaways.


The survey concludes that Americans are shifting their summer vacation habits towards shorter, more frequent trips and local travel. This trend is driven by a desire for more restful and memorable experiences, as well as a growing interest in exploring local destinations.

Implications for Brands:

Brands in the travel and hospitality industry can capitalize on this trend by offering more flexible booking options, promoting local attractions, and creating packages for daycations and shorter stays. They can also leverage the growing interest in poolside experiences by offering special promotions and amenities for day guests.

Implications for Society:

The shift towards shorter vacations and local travel could have positive impacts on local economies, promoting tourism and supporting local businesses. It could also lead to a greater appreciation for local attractions and a more balanced approach to work-life balance, with individuals prioritizing rest and relaxation more frequently throughout the year.


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