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Insight of the Day: As Dating App Usage Increases, Bumble and Tinder Compete for Americans Seeking Love on Demand


  • Dating app usage is on the rise: 23% of U.S. adults use dating apps, with a significant increase in usage compared to the previous year.

  • Men use dating apps more than women: 29% of men vs. 18% of women use dating apps with some level of frequency.

  • Bumble and Tinder are the top apps: Tinder is the most used overall, but Bumble has the highest percentage of users who are "very likely" to use it in the next month.

  • Loneliness drives app usage: The loneliest individuals are the most frequent dating app users.

  • Users seek both casual and serious relationships: 32% are looking for long-term partners, and 32% are looking for something more casual.

  • Willingness to pay for dating apps has increased: However, fewer people are willing to pay over $75 per month.

  • Correlation with food delivery subscriptions: Users willing to pay more for dating apps are more likely to subscribe to food delivery services.

Key Takeaway:

The online dating industry is thriving, with increasing usage and a growing willingness to pay for premium features. However, apps need to address user satisfaction and the growing dissatisfaction among some users.


The demand for convenient and on-demand services extends to dating, as evidenced by the correlation between dating app subscriptions and food delivery subscriptions.


  • Dating apps are fulfilling a need for connection in an increasingly lonely society.

  • The industry is evolving, with more users willing to pay for premium features.

  • Apps need to focus on improving user experience and satisfaction to retain and attract users.

Implications for Brands:

  • Dating apps: Focus on user experience, offer personalized features, and address concerns about dissatisfaction to stay competitive.

  • Other service providers: Consider offering subscription models or partnering with dating apps to tap into the growing market of users seeking convenient solutions.

  • Marketers: Tailor messaging to address the diverse needs and preferences of dating app users, emphasizing convenience, personalization, and the potential for meaningful connections.


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